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Freezer Truck Hire Service by Arsala Freezer Cargo LLC; for All the Right Reasons

Freezer truck hire is becoming one of the top priorities of business people, especially those handling perishable goods.

Perishable goods are to be kept at fixed temperatures to save them from spoiling or wasting. The best option for transporting these goods is to use freezer trucks.

A refrigerator truck, also called a chiller lorry, is designed to transport perishable goods while maintaining the required temperature.

However, you must contract with the most reliable freezer truck rental company to get the most out of freezer trucks.

If you want updated, maintained and efficient freezer trucks, they are available in first-hand conditions at Asala Freezer Cargo LLC.

Equipment of good quality freezer trucks for rent

When you are renting a freezer truck, make sure to check some of the equipment. The pieces of equipment make the trucks stand out and add to your comfort. Some of the characteristics of such trucks include

  • The use of power steering
  • Having antilock or air breaks
  • Automatic transmission is a must
  • It should be air-conditioned
  • Seating for three is available
  • The freezer truck has power lift gates
  • Solid insulation of the vehicle
  • Correct rear door configuration for smooth operation
  • The non-slip surface of floors inside the unit
  • Self-powered temperature unit to maintain the temperature
  • Upgraded freezer trucks also have a USB input or AUX

Adequate Insulation of Freezer Truck by Arsala Freezer Cargo LLC

Insulation is one of the most important factors of the freezer trucks. Before renting freezer trucks, ensure they have proper insulation, as your work speed depends on it. Freezer truck hire insulation significantly varies. Renting a truck whose insulation and other features do not meet your requirements can be very problematic. The movement of the perishables will be more difficult, adding cost to your calculated price. Generally, there are two forms of insulation depending on your uses. They include block foam and spray foam. Depending on the truck’s body, the thickness of the insulation is determined, and so is the use evaluated. This insulation is inconvenient for maintaining extremely low temperatures. Therefore, your negligence can lead to many problems. However, you do not have to worry because we are an experience freezer truck hire company that guides every step. We are fully functional and accommodating as emergency truck rentals as well.  

Freezer Truck Hire; Solution to Expected and Unexpected

Freezer trucks are one of the blessings technology can ever provide. Through these trucks, the transport of goods is made easy. You can focus more on other business matters with a satisfactory freeze truck hire service. Some advantages you will get from renting a freezer truck are mentioned below.

Diverse Items Transportation

Freezer trucks provide diverse transportation of items such as eatables, personal care products, chemicals and engineered materials. While transported locally, such products are threatened to be wasted if denied due attention. Freezer trucks rule out this threat because the desired temperature is maintained while transportation is done.

Good Investment for Small and Large Transportation Companies

The demand for perishable goods, whether vegetables or meat, are increasing daily. Online ordering of food items has played an immense role in raising the need for these goods. To deliver them safely, freezer trucks are necessary, providing a good investment scale to small and large companies. With guaranteed transport, the resale value increases over time, returning the invested amount and increasing the profits.

Profitable Freight Rates

The nature of perishable goods makes the freight rates profitable on average of 20% compared to dry van loads. A dry van makes transporting these items difficult as it creates unnecessary mess and increases the risk of harming the quality. Freezer trucks for rents cancel out the investment and give you more profit quickly.

Efficient Means of Transportation

Freezer truck hire provides you with the benefit of efficient transportation. The orders are quickly and easily delivered to the relevant address as the trucks have remarkable speed and brake systems.

Saving Delivery Charges

The trucks’ capacity helps you save delivery charges and packaging costs. You can send out multiple orders at one time, charging delivery charges on every drop off, thereby saving amounts and increasing the profits in delivery costs.

Under Observation Temperatures

Using the freezer trucks, you can continuously monitor the temperature of the goods. This benefits in monitoring the optimum temperature during transportation. By observing temperatures, the goods are fresh, preserved well and prevented product disintegrating.

Hygiene Check

The use of stainless steel floor and door stands on hygienic requirements. Steel has high corrosion resistance ad prevents bacterial growth. Moreover, it is easy to clean and disinfect steel surfaces. Therefore, it is the right choice for transporting cosmetics, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, chemicals, etc.

Freezer Truck Hire Service by Arsala Freezer Cargo LLC

When you are looking to rent a freezer truck, trust Arsala freezer Cargo because we are the most renowned in this business. Our quality service has proved us to be the most competitive in the market. The reasons why we are trustworthy and preferable in the eyes of our clients include the following factors.

  • Before buying we offer you to try our service first
  • Customer-oriented services are planned
  • Variety of options for every need
  • Offering daily, weekly or monthly rentals
  • Light on your pocket and business-friendly
  • Strict follow of maintenance protocols
  • Availability of GPS tracking system
  • We are emergency freezer truck rentals assisting you at every step
  • Our rental service decreases the administering and licensing costs

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