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Freezer Van for Rent in Dubai - Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C

Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. is a renowned name in the industry, with decades of experience in cargo and transportation services under its belt. With operations across UAE, our company specialises in chiller, refrigerated, and freezer van rental services. Having spent decades doing what we do, our company has successfully established itself as one of the leading transporters in the country.

With professional and experienced employees in every department, Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. supplies its clients with innovative and efficient business transportation solutions that increase productivity and reduce costs for the company. Moreover, hiring staff proficient in multiple languages spoken widely in the UAE helps fill in the communication gap, and understand their business needs better.

Transporting a broad stream of goods, Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. deals with multiple industries. Whether it’s taking raw materials to factories or manufactured goods to supermarkets, Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. has a huge fleet of vehicles to get the job done. Depending upon your industry, cargo size, and operational needs, you can choose a contract that suits you best. Our freezer van for rent in Dubai is available on a daily, weekly, monthly, and in some cases, yearly basis.

How do Freezer Vans Work?

As apparent by name, a freezer van is a vehicle with a compartment acting as a storage unit with properties similar to a freezer. Using the three main components; a condenser, compressor, and an evaporator, the cooling systems take out the hot air from the compartment, causing the temperature to drop to the freezing point. Since the compartments are fully insulated, no hot air from the outside can enter.

 In a climate like that of the UAE, this is a very difficult job, and the slightest negligence could cause thousands of dollars in losses. Fortunately, with our powerful, high-quality machinery and experts to operate it, this job is done flawlessly without compromising the quality of the contents inside.

Freezer Vans at Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C

Need a freezer van rental service to fulfil your business’ transportation needs? Look no more as Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. ‘s top-notch transportation services have you covered. Tailored to meet your needs, we provide everything from trucks to carriers vans. Keeping any freezer goods you hand over to us as good as new is our company’s utmost priority. Rest assured, having been in business for more than twenty years, it is safe to say that our employees are trained and experienced enough to do the job.

Driven with Trust

Undoubtedly, drivers are the backbone of any transportation company. Similar is the case with Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. Hiring expert drivers with years of experience in this field is our company’s policy. Additionally, they are trained to learn all the risk management techniques, safety protocols, and measures to take during an emergency. This allows them to be well prepared to deal with any unprecedented situation, eventually making the best of a bad situation. Even though our service is available without a driver, most businesses working with us opt for a driver along a freezer van for rent to make their lives easier.

Huge Fleet of Vehicles

As mentioned above, our transportation company has everything from a van to a huge carrier that can fit a truckload of cargo. Typically, vehicles with storage sizes 3, 5, and 10 tons are the most rented ones. Most of our profits are reinvested into our vehicles to provide our clients with a hassle-free transportation experience. Each one is regularly inspected and examined for any faults that could compromise the quality of the contents stored inside. Therefore, with our vehicles, you won’t get any unpleasant surprises!

Excellent Customer Services

Customer service at Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. is second to none. Whether you contact us for any inquiry on any of our vehicles, any issues with bookings, or even a complaint, our customer support staff will assist you all the time. Although highly unlikely, if your rented vehicle breaks down at any stage our inspection team will be there shortly to write a damage report. Then, we’ll fix your freezer van or replace you with another. You can reach out to us via email, or telephone if you need our assistance urgently.

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