Refrigerated Van for Rent

Refrigerated Van for Rent - Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C

Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. is a transportation company that provides refrigerated, freezer, and other cargo systems across the UAE. Having been in business for about two decades, the company has successfully earned a name for itself as one of the leading transporters in the country. 

Doing what we do best, Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. provides innovative and efficient solutions to your company’s transportation problems. With the help of our professional and well-trained staff, we can accomplish this in the quickest, cheapest, and safest way possible. With employees proficient in languages like Arabic, Urdu, Pashto, and English on board, we are able to communicate and understand your business needs, allowing us to tailor our services accordingly. 

Our company deals with a broad stream of merchandise from every industry. Whether it’s delivering perishable raw materials to a processing factory or taking a product out to the supermarkets, Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. does it all. Depending upon your business industry, needs, and cargo size, we offer customised contracts that would suit you best. No matter what the size of your business, Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. has its own fleet of vehicles to accommodate you, providing timely services whenever and wherever you need.

How do Refrigerated Vans Work?

Exactly how it sounds, a refrigerated van is a vehicle that contains the properties of a refrigerator. Each compartment with its condenser and evaporator that act as cooling agents and let cool air into the compartments. These compartments are insulated with temperature controls to keep the stored goods at optimal temperature. Some common goods that businesses use our refrigerated transportation services for are:

  • Medicines
  • Meat, fish, and poultry
  • Dairy items
  • Flowers
  • Drinks and beverages

Refrigerated Vans at Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C

Need a refrigerated van for your business in Dubai? Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. is here to fulfil your needs with its huge fleet of vehicles that can store goods of all sizes. Any goods handed over to us are our responsibility. Keeping the contents as good as new and preventing any damage whatsoever is our company’s priority. Especially when dealing with easily perishable products in a climate like that in UAE, this is a difficult job. Rest assured, spending about 20 years doing what we do, our employees are well trained, and our vehicles well equipped to do the job.

Driven with Trust

Our refrigerated van for rent is available with and without a driver. Depending upon your business needs and area of operation, you can choose to opt for either service. With our experienced team of drivers, you don’t have to worry about your goods getting transported safely. Trained by experts, our drivers are well aware of all the health and safety protocols, risk management techniques, and what to do in case of an emergency. Along with our refrigerated van hire service, you can also hire our drivers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, in all states of the UK.

Huge Fleet of Vehicles

Including trucks, carriers, and small vans, Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. provides vehicles of all sizes. Each one is equipped with the latest facilities and cooling systems, making our transportation systems more efficient and convenient. With standard storage, there is a 3, 5, and 10-ton capacity with temperature control of +5 – +20, ideal for refrigerated goods. Furthermore, each one of our vehicles is inspected every week; thoroughly examined for any leaks or malfunctions within the storage systems. Therefore, with our refrigerated transportation services, you won’t get any unpleasant surprises!

Excellent Customer Services

Customer service at Arsala Freezer Cargo L.L.C. is swift and proficient. Our well trained, not to mention, friendly customer support staff is there to assist you with any issues or questions regarding our refrigerated van rental service. In case you get an issue with any of our vehicles, you can call our customer su[pports staff, and within a couple of minutes, there will be an inspection team sent over to straighten out your problem for you. And this is another reason why our customer satisfaction levels are second to none.

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